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The Opportunity

We are standing on the precipice of an opportunity where we can choose to take action and mobilize change. The Net-Zero Energy Coalition is doing just that, by unifying the industry and accelerating the market.  Supporting our collective efforts will enable key initiatives that in turn, will catalyze growth of the zero energy sector. Key NZEC initiatives include the the development of Hub Zero, a centralized resource that will create a pathways for more zero energy projects.

The Need

The built environment is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing over 40% of total emissions globally.  The World Green Building Council and the International Energy Agency have projected 84 gigatonnes of CO2 must be reduced by 2050 if the sector is to play its part in limiting global warming to 2 degrees. To put that into context, it’s the equivalent of not building 22,000 coal powered power stations by the middle of this century. The only efficient path to altering the negative impacts of climate change, is to create buildings and communities that are zero energy. By addressing the built environment on a community scale, we also address the CO2 emissions from transportation and industry, dramatically changing the overall energy equation.

The next few years will be pivotal for the growing zero energy movement with new cities and states adopting zero energy policies, solar costs plummeting to a new record low, and a growing demand for zero energy buildings globally. Lux Research projects floor space for zero energy buildings and nearly-zero energy buildings, will soar more than six-fold to 80 million m2 in 2017 and a $1.3 trillion market by 2025.  This demonstrates a major market opportunity for the entire construction industry ecosystem that will be driven and accelerated by NZEC’s collective action efforts.

Sponsorship Benefits

SPONSORS TAKE FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE AND DEFINE THE ZERO ENERGY MARKET.  As a sponsor, you will move the market faster and secure your role as a North American zero energy industry leader. This sponsorship will provide growth for your organization—whether that’s measured by sales, market share, influence or brand reputation. Top-level sponsors have access to background data from all our research, inclusion in the case study database, and prominence in the national marketing campaign, among other benefits Sponsors will not be absent from this mission to create a future—where, by definition, there will be more demand for your expertise, experience, products or services.

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