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Stand up and be counted! 

Make sure your projects on the path to zero (and beyond) are included in our annual inventory. You can also submit updates to projects reported in our past inventories.

2018 Inventory coming soon!

Submit a Project for the 2019 Inventory

To contribute your project to our inventory, please fill  in our online form (it’s short – about 1 minute per project). All residential projects can participate. Please report all of them:

–Singlefamily and multifamily.
–New, retrofit or combined
–In planning, design, construction, or completed.
–Near-zero, zero-energy-ready, ZNE, or net positive.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Click to enter a NEW project.
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New Project Submission

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you have reported before.

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Past Reports

Read about the exciting growth trends in residential zero energy, and changes between our baseline 2015 inventory and 2016 inventory.

2017 Inventory

The Net Zero Energy Coalition’s 2017 Inventory Report shows a 70% increase in zero-energy residential units over the prior year — more than double the change from 2015 to 2016 (33%). Read and download the report for many more details on what’s happening with ZE homes and communities.

2015 Inventory Report

View Report

2016 Inventory Report

View Report