Green Zero Carbon Home


Quick Facts


Location <
Building Type s
Project Type Z
Basis of Performance Claim
Bedrooms 5
Conditioned Floor Area 5

Energy Summary

Energy Data Type Measured,
Renewable Energy System Type(s) Photovoltaics,
Ratings <
Annual renewable energy generated 1

Envelope and Mechanicals

Subslab assembly <
Foundation wall assembly
Above grade wall assembly <
Door Assembly
Air Changes per hour, ACH50
Our solar panel array on the roof of our house our "Green Zero Carbon Home" Our heat pumps which cut our carbon footprint by 20 tons a year

Project Team:

Team Member: David Green

Other Team Members:






Completion Date: <


Type of Construction Renovated, Part of Building,
Number of buildings
Floor area of each building 5
Bedrooms 5
Stories 2
Conditioned Building Volume
Conditioned Floor Area 5

Location and Climate Details


Address <
Location Type R
Climate Region Z
Köppen Climate Type D
Lat. / Long. P
Elevation 2
Solar Insolation
Annual CDD and Base Temp |
Annual HDD and Base Temp 5 | 6


Site Conditions:

preexisting structure(s),

Site Description:


Monthly Energy Data and Utilities

Energy Data Type:

Electric Utility: E

Gas Utility: n

Renewables and Energy Balance

Renewable Energy Sources:Renewable energy is generated within the building footprint (e.g. solar PV on the roof),

Renewable Energy System Description & Details:

Annual renewable energy generated 1
Annual Renewable Energy Generated Data Type Measured,
Power Rating 1
Renewable Energy System Type(s) Photovoltaics,
Source of Annual Production Data M

Walls and Roof

Subslab assembly <
Subslab R-value 1
Slab edge assembly
Slab edge R-value
Foundation wall assembly
Foundation wall R-value 1
Above grade wall assembly <
Above grade wall R-value 1
Cathedral ceiling assembly
Cathedral ceiling R-value

Windows and Doors

Window Assembly: <

Door Assembly:

Average window U-factor 0
Door U-Factor
Door Area

Mechanical Systems

Space cooling - Manufacturer & Model same,
Space heating - Manufacturer & Model Bosch 5 ton heat pumps (2),
Domestic hot water - Manufacturer & Model S
Domestic hot water - capacity 8
Ventilation - Manufacturer & Model
Lighting Manufacturer and Model LED light bulbs,
Lighting Efficiency
Mechanical Equipment Installation Details and Comments


Air Changes per hour, ACH50
Air Changes per hour, CFM50

General Process


Design for Adaptability:

Software Tools

Software Tools:

General modeling information: <

Lessons Learned

Outcome of Project Goals:



Rebates and Financial Incentives

Federal incentives <
Local incentives
State incentives <
Utility incentives <
Other incentives