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Front of Benker Residence Solar tracking PV array Back of Benker Residence Slab Insulation Spray Foam at Roof Rafters Blown in Batt Insulation in walls Blown in Batt Insulation at ceiling Rainscreen under construction ERV
Benker Residence

In constructing the Benker residence, the Glastonbury Housesmith built a durable, energy-efficient, and healthy home for the residents. The home focuses on longevity, including features like extra insulation for rot prevention and a stronger structu Read More »
Guilford Artists' Residence - view from south spring Guilford Artists' Residence - view from north in fall Guilford Artists' Residence - view from north east in spring view of communal porch from west Guilford Artists' Residence - view of southwest corner Guilford Artists' Residence - clerestory at green roof Guilford Artists' Residence - view from west Guilford Artists' Residence - kitchen dining and living area interior view Guilford Artists' Residence - hallway interior view towards south living area interior view Guilford Artists' Residence - dining area interior view towards west Guilford Artists' Residence - hallway interior view Guilford Artists' Residence - hallway with communal chalk board looking north west Guilford Artists' Residence - view from north east in winter Guilford Artists' Residence - roof plan Guilford Artists' Residence - ground floor plan Guilford Artists' Residence - aerial view model Guilford Artists' Residence - section view model
Guilford Sound Artists' Residence

The Guilford Sound recording and production campus in Guilford, Vermont serves as a site for local and visiting artists and musicians to develop projects—both individually and with members of the Southern Vermont community. This five-bedroom reside Read More »
South view of renovation showing new PV array with crew in foreground South view of renovated home after snow storm showing PV collectors free of snow Exterior view of duplex before renovation Interior view of dining and kitchen showing bright compact home Interior view of dining and living showing bright compact home
Kraus-Fabel Retrofit

DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT:One barrier to broader adoption of ZNE practice is the perception of ZNE as expensive and exotic.  In this project we addressed this issue directly, demonstrating that ZNE renovation can be straightforward and practicable, pro Read More »
Red Hook Passive House

Residing in Brooklyn’s decaying shipyard district, this modest renovation is to be the first mixed-use building in NYC to meet the most rigorous low-energy construction certification in the world – the Passive House Certification from the PHI in Read More »
Viridescent Building

Viridescent BuildingMaine's First Net Positive Passive House - Falmouth, MaineTideSmart Global is an experiential marketing company in Falmouth, Maine that is committed to investing in the future of its employees, its community, and the sustainabilit Read More »
Passive active including electricity space heating and DHW
Curved Contemporary

This home was designed more than 30 years ago for my wife Frances and I and our two children. Our two sons have moved out, and we've been working towards net zero. Electrically we have made it; we have a 5.85kW PV array with a net meter. Finally, las Read More »
Front of house kitchen window Mechanical ventilation
Cape Cod Passive House

This is the third house in Massachusetts to achieve PHIUS+ Passive House Certification and the second one in Falmouth.  The home, which is owned by the CPHC and his wife, has a living area of 2,400 ft2. Read More »
KVCC entrance KVCC Sustainable Ag KVCC Lecture Hall KVCC Entrance Canopy KVCC Lecture Hall KVCC Culinary Lab KVCC Classroom Entrance KVCC Bathroom KVCC Mud Room Entrance
KVCC Sustainable Agriculture Building

With the acquisition of nearly 800 acres of land, Kennebec Valley Community College is developing the Alfond Campus. SMRT designed the first new building on the site, a laboratory and classroom building that includes 3 labs; food prep/packaging, soil Read More »
south elevation (both units) Build Team installed window air sealing front door heat pump water heater PV inverter PV array CO2 monitor monitoring base station
Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity Net Zero Bungalow

Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity: "Not only is this build our first Easthampton home, but it is also our first ever Women Build home and our first zero net energy potential house!  That's a lot of firsts!"  This is a fitting project to be the MJ Read More »
Hollis, NH DER

This project involves taking a single family home that was built in the 1970s and transforming it into a super-insulated high effeciency home that is Net-Zero Ready Read More »
Midtown Passive House

The goal of the Midtown Passive House project was to design to the Passive House standard and achieve certification from PHIUS (Passive House Institute US) for the production home builder Brookfield Homes. Brookfield Homes' objective was to offer thi Read More »
Original front view Original interior cat walk Original basement leaky windows Original entrance to furnace Under construction 2"x6" construction with original chimney Southern overhang for solar shading Nail base and seal before stucco First window installed Zola kitchen window from inside 18' Zola slider Impact resistant composite roof Southern deck Closed-cell foam on basement wall Foam in trusses Frontal view under construction New kitchen under constuction Finished master bedroom with alcohol fireplace Finished kitchen External 90% light-blocking remote-control shades Finished frontal view
Lakeridge Trail

When we purchased our home in Lake of the Pines, we did so for the location, not for the house.  The crazy 1975 design included 2 oversized gas furnaces that short-cycled so often the house would never get warm.  Access to one was through a 20"x20" Read More »
finished vew Living room Dining kitchen porch outside FrinklePod Farm gang wall construction Wall to truss blueprints
212 Arundel Road

I moved to Maine in 1975. I started a business in renewable energy systems, initially wind generators. The first building I put up was a 32' by 64' barn with trusses that could lift 2 ton wind mills and 16 large skylights for day lighting. I then con Read More »
Mechanic Street Passive House south facade Mechanic Street Passive House window detail Mechanic Street Passive House rainscreen detail
Mechanic Street Passive House

When the Hevenor family approached Steve DeMetrick of DeMetrick Housewrights about building their new home in Wakefield, Rhode Island, they already knew that they wanted a Passive House. This young family of four had purchased an infill lot close to Read More »
Indra's Energy+ Household

This projects describes the steps taken to retrofit an exsiting single family home in Cupertino California to be net energy positive including daily transportation needs. The house has maintained net energy positive status for 5 years straight showin Read More »