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Our mission is to accelerate the market adoption of zero energy buildings and communities across North America.  We aim to make the built environment a positive asset on the balance sheet for the planet.

The Net-Zero Energy Coalition is a change agent, enabling the industry to more rapidly transition to building zero energy, thereby reducing carbon emissions across North America. Members, partners, and sponsors will benefit from extensive industry exposure, connections to net-zero energy leaders globally, and access to resources and funding for collective efforts. Building occupants will benefit from more comfortable, healthier, lower cost, responsible living environments that last for generations to come. In early 2014, NZEC produced a report for NRCan, entitled “Coordinating and Unifying NZE Efforts in North America,” and documented 146 organizations and 100 builders focused on zero energy.  This demonstrates industry momentum, and an opportunity to consolidate and coordinate efforts toward greater market adoption.  Our role is a backbone organization to facilitate this collaboration and transfer knowledge within the industry. Founded in Canada in January 2006, the Net-Zero Energy Coalition has grown to serve all of North America.  Our mission is to accelerate market adoption of net-zero energy buildings and communities in order to make the built environment a positive asset on the balance sheet for the planet.



NZEC’s efforts place a keen focus on bridging the knowledge gap between the Innovators and the emerging Early Adopter market. As the only organization solely focused on zero energy in North America, the Coalition will provide trustworthy and easy access to information and resources, and engage the market. We aim to simplify the adoption of zero energy for our customers, enabling them to accelerate their zero energy business development.


Collective Impact


We believe we can accomplish more as a collective whole – move the market faster, accelerate energy independence, and build better communities


As a collective impact backbone organization the Coalition will provide unique value to net-zero energy stakeholders from across industry sectors, compelling the participation of a growing number of members, sponsorship of key activities, and the engagement of new collaborators.

“Collective Impact Initiatives are long-term commitments by a group of important actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem. Their actions are supported by a shared measurement system, mutually reinforcing activities, and on-going communication, and are staffed by an independent backbone organization.”

Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2011