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The most comprehensive source of North American zero energy residential case studies.

This richly detailed, easy-to- use resource was developed in partnership with NESEA, and contains numerous specifics about each project, including product, design, marketing, and team information.


  1. Stand up and be counted!  Make sure your projects on the path to zero (and beyond) are included in our annual inventory. You can also submit updates to projects reported in our 2015 and 2016 inventories.

To contribute your project to our inventory, please fill  in our online form (it’s short – about 1 minute per project).All residential projects can participate — single- and multifamily, new and retrofit, and whether completed, under construction, or just in the design or planning stages. Please report all of them.

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Read about the exciting growth trends in residential zero energy, and changes between our baseline 2015 inventory and 2016 inventory.

Why participate?  

Publishing your Zero Energy Projects is good for everyone — including you!

  • Supercharge your marketing. Benefit from:
    • Free, high-profile, nationwide publicity worth many times more than paid advertising
    • Highlighting your leadership through inclusion in this exclusive collection
  • Enhance your reputation. Show off:
    • Testimony from happy clients (your #1 asset!)
    • Your homes’ superior performance
  • Give your clients a perk. Their projects in the database:
    • Affirms their smart choice (& validates bragging rights)
    • Provides an important record for financing, valuation, and future sale
  • Accelerate change!
    • Our young industry needs proven examples to make faster progress towards carbon reduction goals.

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Documentation must show that the renewable energy system …
Qualifying Programs*:
Documentation must show that the occupants …
ZE-ReadyCan supply 90% or more of the annual energy demand (or could, if/when RE is added or system capacity is increased); AND/OR energy use data are not available· DOE ZERH
· Earth Advantage Net Zero & Net Zero Ready
· PHI ‘Classic’, ‘Plus’ & ‘Premium’
· Thousand Home Challenge
ZESupplies 100% or more of the annual energy demand· ILFI Net Zero Energy Building Certification
· Thousand Home Challenge (THC must designate project as ZE)
Net ProducerSupplies 110% or more of the annual energy demandN/A
  • *Projects that have been labeled, certified, or rated under these programs qualify automatically for inclusion in the database, so long as required supporting documentation is provided.

Also make sure your projects are listed in our inventory! Submit new projects and updates HERE.