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To Zero and Beyond:

Zero Energy Residential Trends and the Virtuous Cycle

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Ann Edminster: NZEC, Design AVEnues

Mindy Craig: BluePoint Planning, California Public Utilities Commission

Gene Myers: THRIVE Home Builders


Presented by the World Green Building Council, Energy Solution, and Net Zero Energy Coalition


UPCOMING: Monday, October 23, 2017

1:30-3:00 Pacific / 2:30-4:00 Mountain / 3:30-5:00 Central / 4:30-6:00 Eastern


ORIGINAL: Tuesday, September 26, 2017

1:00-2:30 Pacific / 2:00-3:30 Mountain / 3:00-4:30 Central / 4:00-5:30 Eastern

Join us for this FREE global webinar event during the WGBC’s World Green Building Week, focused on the hottest growing trend in residential building: Zero Energy. Get the latest data and insights on the exciting 33% growth in ZE residential development in the US and Canada. The Net Zero Energy Coalition will present highlights from its recently published 2016 North American Residential Zero Energy Report, along with findings on the drivers behind that growth and keys to ZE builders’ successes. We will also hear lessons learned from California’s pioneering efforts in ZE code and policy development, along with other insider perspectives on where zero energy is headed.

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NZEC Webinar Presentation

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Thrive Home Builders Journey to Zero

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California’s Road to ZNE

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