Hub Zero

The Net-Zero Energy Coalition is providing resources for the industry to more simply design, build, and sell zero energy homes – to grow this market for all to prosper. NZEC’s studies have found 146 organizations that provide valuable information and resources for the industry; however, there is no single zero energy resource for the building industry in North America.

As such, NZEC is in the process of developing Hub Zero, an online resource that provides the industry with the tools they need to build zero energy projects, today. Anyone planning to build zero energy projects will find resources to ease their adoption of zero design and construction practices: policy and codes information, case studies, product information, training tools, architectural details, specifications, sales tools, and other implementation supports.

Hub Zero is conceived not as a self-contained repository of new content, but rather a streamlined, well-designed portal that will direct site visitors to vetted, high-quality content – e.g., the Building America Solutions Center, NBI’s model code resources, and myriad other sites where excellent materials are already available. Hub Zero will also help policymakers bring zero energy programs to their geographies and serve as a market engagement tool to drive adoption on a national scale.

We are currently in early stages of developing Hub Zero, and are identifying the most pressing needs of the industry in order to prioritize our efforts. In 2017 we will begin creating this resource, will launch by end of year, and grow it through 2018.  Once this basic infrastructure and high value content is established, Hub Zero will be a living tool, to evolve with the needs of the industry and enable more zero energy projects to happen in the short-term, across the nation.

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