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Guilford Artists' Residence - view from south spring Guilford Artists' Residence - view from north in fall Guilford Artists' Residence - view from north east in spring view of communal porch from west Guilford Artists' Residence - view of southwest corner Guilford Artists' Residence - clerestory at green roof Guilford Artists' Residence - view from west Guilford Artists' Residence - kitchen dining and living area interior view Guilford Artists' Residence - hallway interior view towards south living area interior view Guilford Artists' Residence - dining area interior view towards west Guilford Artists' Residence - hallway interior view Guilford Artists' Residence - hallway with communal chalk board looking north west Guilford Artists' Residence - view from north east in winter Guilford Artists' Residence - roof plan Guilford Artists' Residence - ground floor plan Guilford Artists' Residence - aerial view model Guilford Artists' Residence - section view model
Guilford Sound Artists' Residence

The Guilford Sound recording and production campus in Guilford, Vermont serves as a site for local and visiting artists and musicians to develop projects—both individually and with members of the Southern Vermont community. This five-bedroom reside Read More »
Front of Benker Residence Solar tracking PV array Back of Benker Residence Slab Insulation Spray Foam at Roof Rafters Blown in Batt Insulation in walls Blown in Batt Insulation at ceiling Rainscreen under construction ERV
Benker Residence

In constructing the Benker residence, the Glastonbury Housesmith built a durable, energy-efficient, and healthy home for the residents. The home focuses on longevity, including features like extra insulation for rot prevention and a stronger structu Read More »
finished! Before DER section no more roof air barrier (sort of) foam and furring yikes that's a lot of foam blower door caulking the framing custom siding profile salvaged flooring to patch our century-old floors Omnisense sensor buried in the exterior wall dense-packed cellulose
Revell Retrofit

The owners, Peter and Rachel Stevens, are also the architects. As they started renovations, it became clear that most of the systems and finishes needed replacing, which made this two-family a perfect candidate for a Deep Energy Retrofit. All the ext Read More »
Dickson Residence and roof solar array Dickson Residence and roof solar array Rain Screen under construction Heat Pump Outdoor Units Wall insulation Slab insulation Open corners reduce thermal bridging ERV for ventilation and reduced energy consumption Door installation detail
Dickson Residence

The Dickson Residence is the project of David Dickson, an architectural designer and design-builder, whose passion for sustainabilty translated to his new home. The tight site thoughtfuly nestles this ~2,000 square foot home behind an existing brick Read More »
Taft House Zip Air Barrier Window Frame Detail Basement Insulation Attic Cellulose Insulation Siding HRV Living Room Garage Solar PV Panels
Taft School Residence

The Taft Residence serves as a home and teaching device, supplying one teacher, and his/her family, with a living residence while offering a learning example for the Taft students of how a high-performance home is designed. This private school was fo Read More »
Spray foam in double stud walls 25" of cellulose in attic Cellulose filling double stud wall cavities ERV Single Family Home Small baseboards provide heat
EcoVillage Ithaca: TREE

TREE is the third neighborhood to join EcoVillage Ithaca, a group of cohousing developments in northern New York that promote clean, emission-free living in a community setting. TREE is a multifamily, co-housing residence that began construction in 2 Read More »
Front of Trolle residence Rear of Trolle residence First layer of exterior wall insulation Second layer of exterior wall insulation Foundation before concrete Foundation insulation Framing Concrete slab on grade portion of home A small heat pump provides heating and cooling for home
Trolle Residence

Builder Mike Trolle is no stranger to high performance homes, so he fully embraced these concepts when designing his own home. The home was constructed on the site of a previous home, retaining the foundation wall for structural support. This Passive Read More »
Main Street elevation First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan Interior Elevation In progress Main Street Elevation Site Plan
Waitsfield Town Offices

Maclay Architects was initially hired to explore several possible project sites for renovation or new construction of the new town offices. The town offices have outgrown their current location in the lower level of the town library. They are not whe Read More »
Hobart Net Zero in Massachusetts

This is a rebuild and Deep Energy Retrofit of a 1970's ranch with a full poured cement cellar, with a 1990's addition on concrete piers. The location, within the coastal zone, precluded any expansion of the footprint, but expansion upward was allow Read More »
Lefler Project

We made an attempt to be 2020 compliance to CA. AB-32 using our factory built modular home. We were recognized by PGE "CA ADVANCED HOME" and USGBC-C4 for a 2014 "Green Home Nomination" Our first year of operation costs total $900 Gas and electric whi Read More »
Boston E+ Green Building Program – 226 – 232 Highland St

The E+ Green Building Program is an intiative the City of Boston / Boston Redevelopment Authority purposed to proving the feasibility of regenerative multi-unit residential buildings and to building energy and environmentally positive homes in Boston Read More »
South Elevation Existing Building Elevation Site Plan First Floor Plan Main Stair South corridor
Bennington Superior Courthouse and State Office Building

The renovated Bennington Superior Courthouse and State Office Building is now one of the healthiest and most energy efficient buildings in the state of Vermont. The vision for the project focused on the development of a healthy indoor work environmen Read More »
Front of Scionwood Retreat Home entry and country kitchen Country kitchen and Jotul wood stove Livingroom Venmar Duo 1.2 ERV Inside of Venmar ERV Thermal wheel of ERV 3.5KW PV pole mount with battery backup 2011 Solar power management system and battery storage 3.4KW PV roof mount 2015 Roof mount solar controller with pole mount in background Yes snow on PV Jotul wood stove - heat for fun or emergencies Jotul beautifully on fire - open to feed
Scionwood Retreat

It is now February of 2016 and at Scionwood Retreat, Kathryn and I have lived in a 100% sustainable sourced Net Zero Energy Home since 2006. It happened instantaneously nearly 10 years ago in September of that year. I will share our story with you an Read More »
Pill - Maharam Architects - Charlotte house Pill - Maharam Architects - Charlotte house Pill - Maharam Architects - Charlotte house Pill - Maharam Architects - Charlotte house Pill - Maharam Architects - Charlotte house Pill - Maharam Architects - Charlotte house
Charlotte VT House

This is a 2800 SF single family residence for a family of four located in East Charlotte, VT. The house was completed August 1st 2007   The goal was to create a house with as little environmental impact as possible while maintaining a high level of Read More »
View from the lake
Echo Lake Residence

The clients, who hired us to design this home on their lake area property, had done their homework. They had a good grasp of what they wanted to acheive, and how they might get there. The goal from the onset was a net-zero home with as much passive s Read More »
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