Activation Teams

At the heart of the Coalition are our members who want to take action. We heard this loud and clear at the 2013 Summit, and have officially launched our Activation Teams to do just that. With over 146 organizations focused on NZE across North America, it is imperative that we pool resources and share ideas in order to leverage our individual and collective efforts.

The goal of the Activation Team (AT) initiative is to create collaborative groups comprising members from at least three organizations per focus area (see below). The groups will address significant short- and long-term barriers to the market shift toward net-zero energy design and construction, that can be addressed most effectively through collective action. Each AT will work to identify mutually reinforcing efforts across groups as well as initiatives that can be undertaken collaboratively. The starting point for the ATs’ work will be the outcomes from the October 2013 NZ summit, documented in our Market Acceleration Plan.

We decided to form the teams in Irvine last October, at the conclusion of our inaugural Net Zero Summit. The six Activation Teams are:

  1. -Products & Design Innovations
  2. -Finance & Real Estate
  3. -Education & Tools
  4. -Energy Generation, Distribution, & Storage
  5. -Policy & Programs
  6. -Market Awareness & Behavior Change (in the Building Industry)

Who’s Who

Our AT members comprise industry leaders across North America in all sectors related to NZE buildings and communities. See our rock star roster below:

  • Susan Buchan, EEBA
  • Steve Easley, Steve Easley & Assoc
  • Brad Liljequist, International Living Future Institute
  • Betsy Petit, Building Science Corp
  • Carter Scott, Transformations Inc.
  • Barry Stephens, Zehnder America
  • Samantha Taylor, CSG
  • Francis Boucher, National Grid
  • David Carolan, Solid Green Systems
  • Chris Chopik, Sage Real Estate
  • Rick Gilles, Barnraisers
  • Jason Stringer, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp
  • Marcia Tolentino, Build it Green
  • Chris Becker, Build it Green
  • Susan Buchan, EEBA
  • Steve Easley, Steve Easley & Assoc
  • Ann Edminster, Design AVEnues
  • Shawna Henderson, Blue House Energy
  • Barbara Hernesman, CalCERTs
  • David Heslam, Earth Advantage
  • John Morton, Southern California Edison
  • Sam Rashkin, U.S. DOE
  • Hal Richman, Blue House Energy
  • Gary Hamer, BC Hydro
  • Tyler Huebner, RENEW Wisconsin
  • Owen Smith, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Peter Turnbull, PG&E
  • Steve Kihm, Energy Center of Wisconsin
  • Carston Barde, National Grid
  • Winston Brown, Northeast Utilities
  • David Ferrante, Northeast Utilities
  • Dan Cross, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Peter Amerongen, Habitat Studio
  • Mindy Craig, BluePoint Planning
  • John Dalzell, City of Boston
  • Iram Farooq, City of Cambridge
  • Alex Ferguson, NRCan
  • Eric Friedman, MDOER
  • Niamh McDonald, Global Buildings Performance Network
  • Laura Rodormer, National Grid
  • Puja Vohra, National Grid
  • Joe Emerson, Zero Energy Homes
  • Stacey Hobart, New Buildings Institute
  • Sam Rashkin, U.S. DOE
  • Chris Williams, Avalon Master Builder
  • Richard Willingham, motum b2b
  • Gail Lawlor, Energy Matters

What’s Happening

Our teams kicked off with the first virtual meetings in October, identifying current initiatives and market opportunities. Our next set of meetings will take place by the end of 2014, and the third in early 2015. We will discuss outcomes and broaden the discussion during our Summit Exchange Sessions on Tuesday March 3, 2015.

Come join the discussion and help with NZE Activation!

If you are interested in joining our group of thought leaders and barrier-breakers, please contact us.