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Amassing & Analyzing Zero Energy Building Data

Many believe that the future of net-zero energy is already here. At the forefront, the Net-Zero Energy Coalition is not only leading the movement, but also creating what their team refers to as “The Hub,” a place where all things Zero-Energy can be discovered.  Read here.


Zero Energy Market Growth is All About Push


Net-zero Energy Homes Building Momentum

Homes that produce as much renewable energy as they consume appear to be gaining traction in North America, particularly California – More here

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California Leads the Nation in Net-Zero Projects

A tally of net-zero-energy buildings in the U.S. and Canada gives Sacramento the highest city total – more here

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News about the Zero Energy Residential Inventory Report
Click on each graphic above to learn more

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NZEC publishes Zero Energy Residential Buildings Inventory showing market momentum

View the report here and press release here


Reflections on our 2015 Summit

To Zero and Beyond, by our very own Ann Edminster


Zero Net Energy Homes in North America Are Expected to Reach 27,000 in 2025, According to Navigant Research

From Business Wire- more here

Coordinating & Unifying Net-Zero Energy Efforts in North America

NRCan funded this report which shows significant momentum toward net-zero energy in North America and opportunities for collaboration in order to accelerate market adoption. The report highlights specific efforts of over 146 organizations, 100 builders, and 333 programs, projects, or initiatives that are focused on the path to net-zero energy.

Read the report here: Coordinating Unifying NZE Efforts in NA Project Report

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Net Zero North American Leadership Coalition Gears Up For Second Summit

More than 250 of sustainability’s cutting-edge practitioners will gather in Boston – more here

Activation Teams Charge Ahead

Our 6 Activation Teams (Product & Technology Innovations, Finance & Real Estate, Education & Tools, the Grid, Market Awareness & Behavior Change, Policy & Programs) have each had several meetings, and are prepared to present their recommendations for action at the Summit.  These will include developing an online clearinghouse for information sharing and collaboration and a North American net-zero energy awareness campaign.

Top 5 Reasons to Come to the 2015 Summit

  1. Sam Rashkin (U.S. DOE ZERH Program) – Nobody knows more about marketing zero energy and Sam will be sharing his wisdom all three days
  2. Making Real Business Connections: Watch the video about how this happened at the last Summit
  3. NESEA: Attendees get a 2-for-1 event with full trade show access, NESEA integrated programming, and a choice of NZEC or NESEA panels on Wednesday
  4. Party at Artists for Humanity – A great opportunity to do more networking with fellow attendees over a glass of wine in an inspiring high performance building
  5. Speakers, speakers, speakers – No other event tops our line-up of world-class experts converging to be a part of this event — Learn more here

Architecture 2030

International Union of Architects unanimously agree to eliminate carbon by 2050

At the recent International Union of Architects (UIA) World Congress, member organizations representing over 1.3 million architects in 124 countries worldwide unanimously adopted the 2050 Imperative, a declaration to eliminate CO2 emissions in the built environment by 2050.   This is big news for NZE and signifies a shift in the way we will do business moving forward.